Abortion when queer

You can request an abortion when you are queer (bisexual, trans or lesbian)

How one gets pregnant in relation to one’s sexual orientation or gender identity is nobody’s business, including health providers, unless you offer them information regarding your health needs. Queer folks can have consensual sex and get pregnant but can also be exposed to sexual assault.

Some queer folks do want and need access to contraception.

If you have an unintended or unsupportable pregnancy it is important that you feel able to request an abortion and do not feel pressured into explaining how you got pregnant.

As a queer person in South Africa, the most important thing to know is that you, just like any other person with a womb, enjoy the same rights to access to abortion as any other body does. Unfortunately, queer persons still face challenges when seeking healthcare. As a queer person, you may experience a healthcare provider assuming your gender or your sexuality, or refusing to provide you with abortion services. Know that their resistance to provide you with services is unethical and against the law.