Additional Focal Areas

  1. Access to Safe and Legal abortion
  2. Decriminalising Sex work
  3. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  4. Queer Health and Rights
  5. Contraception (In particular, hormonal contraception and HIV)

Previous Work:

In our short time of being active with no institutional funding we have managed to accomplish some remarkable achievements.

  1. Addressing child marriage and sexual abuse in addressing the Our Perfect Wedding reality show. Removing main sponsors, cancelling show and apolology by the producer. These efforts were led by our Deputy Chair Tlaleng Mofokeng
  2. Following the increased activity of prolife groups on UCT Campus – three dialogues were held in partnership with the AGI and WISH and the SA Medical Students Association to address Sexual and Reproductive Justice,

  1. We launched a Petition in collaboration with Amandla Mobi

Following another death of a young woman from unsafe abortion. Currently is researching in-depth stories for a media launch of this petition and delivery to the National Department of Health

  1. The SRJC broke the Virginity Testing Scandal and assisted the Ministry of Social Development in responding A large amount of impressions were on our FB page and those in the SRJC on twitter. There is currently a moratorium on the bursaries now and a legal investigation
  2. We partnered with coalition members and celebrated International Abortion Provider Appreciation Day on 10 March and visited over 30 providers and gifted them with chocolates and flowers. We also received a large number of social media impressions on FB and twitter for these activities.