About Us

We are the Sexual Reproductive Justice Coalition

Who are we?

We are the SRJC! SRJC stands for Sexual Reproductive Justice Coalition! An organization that has been in existence since 2015 when the need for a fresh and new narrative was growing in South Africa.

In February 2016 we set out to encourage members to join our coalition, because what is a movement without the people? So, we went ahead and released a statement on our politics, ethics and vision and asked interested people working within the Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) space to sign-on. As we all know SRHR can be such a contentious political space and in many cases, it can be dangerous to advocate for bodily autonomy & integrity, therefore we decided that membership will work by referral and membership should be approved first before people are allowed to enter the coalition and play an active part in its campaigns and course of direction.


A future of sexual and reproductive justice informed by an intersectional perspective in which all people, irrespective of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, age, religion, or any other factor may enjoy their sexuality, make reproductive decisions and access high quality services in ways that enhance their dignity, bodily integrity and well-being.


To contribute toward the realization of sexual and reproductive justice for all. To be a platform for individuals and organizations to mobilize, advocate and produce and use evidence to realize sexual and reproductive justice for all. To do so we create informed public debate and build consensus to hold policy makers and duty-bearers accountable on sexual and reproductive health.