Our History

SRJC was born in November 2015 to fulfil a need for a cohesive movement

In 2014, given the lack of political support within the National Department of Health, Ipas stopped operating in South Africa. At the time there was no real SRHR-movement happening in South Africa and prior attempts at sustaining a movement had unfortunately not been successful. So, after Ipas left South Africa, the SRJC was born in November 2015 to fulfil a need for a cohesive movement.

Formation of SRJC, 2014.

After the SRJC was founded, The National Population Unit (Department of Social Development) supported our cause and funded two conceptualisation meetings. After that an organisation was formed. In 2016 we held our first steering committee (fancy term for a group of people who steer the course for any entity) meeting, where WISH Associates was asked to function as our fiscal sponsor. It was at this meeting that a Theory of Change for the SRJC was drafted. This was refined and in November 2016, we held our first SRJC general meeting where it was finally adopted. In 2018 we registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and the first board was formed after which the initial steering committee handed over governance and leadership.

Theory of change

Our theory of change has five focal areas: