Abortion and HIV

I am HIV+, can I have an abortion while I am on Anti-Retrovirals?

Yes! According to a study by the World Health Organisation published in April 2018, it is completely safe to be on ARV’s and have either a medical or surgical abortion, as long as it is provided by a trained health professional in a safe and hygienic facility. 

If the only reason you are seeking an abortion is because you are afraid that you may pass on the virus to your foetus, hold on! Given the testing and treatment options available, including ARV’s and other forms of treatment, passing on the virus to your foetus can be prevented effectively by following your healthcare provider’s advised treatment regimen!

If you still want an abortion, you can still have a safe and effective procedure if you are HIV+. Discuss with your abortion provider whether it is best for you to have a medical or surgical abortion. This will depend on what stage you are of pregnancy and other factors. You are not alone and there are options for you to choose.