Resources for Allies

Hey, you! Are you a healthcare worker, journalist or leader in your community and would like to learn more about how to support pregnant people’s choice to have abortion?

Below are some useful resources that can help you!

Important information for healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses

As a health care provider, you always want to know more for your patients, right? Therefore, check out these new updates on abortion and clinical guidance below! It provides policymakers, programme managers and health-service providers with the latest evidence-based guidance on clinical care. It includes information on how to establish and strengthen services and outlines a human-rights-based approach to laws and policies on safe, comprehensive abortion care.

Below are a few resources to consult:

  • Manual for health workers for choice: working to improve the quality of abortion services, published by WITS School of Public Health
  • WHO has also developed a number of publications to support health workers to provide safe abortion care. These two may be useful in particular:
    • Health worker roles in providing safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception
    • Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems
  • Check your provincial department of health for updates on policies and guidelines. The Western Cape Department of Health published a policy on the management of termination of pregnancy services in 2000.

Information for communities and clinic committees

It is so important for communities to be at the forefront of new information, so that they can support abortion providers and abortion seekers from unverified and harmful lies. The training materials below were developed by the WITS School of Public Health, and are for clinic committees and communities in relation to women’s health and abortion.

Access the range of manuals here.

Abortion resource for journalists

If you’re a journalist, your story could be the only information a person hears about when it comes to safe abortion. Bhekisisa (in partnership with Global Health Strategies) has developed a useful reporting guide for journalists on how to report on abortion. It also includes handy information on abortion data in South Africa, how procedures work and what the law says. Do the right thing and engage from a pro-choice and feminist perspective!

Access the reporting guide here.