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Top three parties’ position on sexual & reproductive justice

Do you know what your favourite political party’s stance is on sex work, gender-based violence and abortion?

So, what do the ANC, EFF and DA all have in common when it comes to sexual and reproductive justice? All three political parties have an “unclear” stance on supporting and advocating for the decriminalisation sex work in South Africa. This is according to the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition’s (SRJC) latest campaign calling for the three major political parties to support an increase in the sexual and reproductive health budget for 2020 before voting day on 8 May.

None of the election manifestos concretely address reproductive issues, SRJC chairperson Marion Stevens argues. “(We know) what the ANC’s political position on sex work is, but we see a disconnect with the president’s commitment to the South African National Aids Council’s (SANAC) sex worker plan.”

Top three parties’ position on sexual & reproductive justice

March 25, 2019