Where am I supposed to get an abortion?

Designated facilities

The Department of Health designates clinics and hospitals as the places where one can get an abortion. This means that the site is specifically chosen and regulated by the Department of Health. This is a list of all the facilities in South Africa that are designated for abortion.

The problem is that not all facilities are working and open. This creates a barrier for many women as access to the abortion service is not available. It is important to know where your local facility is, whether it is designated, whether it is operational and what service it offers. Some clinics only offer medical abortion others offer both medical and surgical, some offer a combination. Some services only offer the first trimester abortion (up until 12 weeks). Getting a second trimester abortion needs to be provider by a doctor so it is harder to get an abortion. Third trimester abortions are legal in the case of the fetus not being viable or the pregnancy being a threat to the mothers health.  There are a few facilities that provide this option.

We are working with our partners in putting together an accurate map of where to get an abortion. It is a very long process and we will share the information as soon as it comes. However, the coalition is rather resourced with providers and people who can refer. Do get in touch with us via facebook or our web contact page if you need an abortion. We may try to assist and refer.