Lebo Ramafoko


Lebo is an incoming CEO Tekano Fellowship.  Prior to this, she was the CEO of Soul City having worked at the Institute for 14 years. Lebo is a fierce fighter for women’s and children’s rights. During this time she presided over the transformation of one of Africa’s leading women’s and children’s NGOs. Her inimical style and forthrightness as established her as a highly respected thought leader and woman of action. Lebo’s fast rise to this top position came after she graduated with a Masters in Public Administration at the prestigious Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2010. She achieved this as a single mother of a young son and daughter, who accompanied her to Boston. While at Harvard, Lebo took and then was the Teaching Assistant for one of the Kennedy School’s most famous classes, Leadership on the Line. This experience was brought to bear when, under Lebo’s leadership, the Soul City Institute was relaunched as a Social Justice organisation in 2016 that focuses on young women and girls and the communities they live in.