Abortion Procedures (types)

Medical and Surgical ā€“ what is the difference

Medical abortion is when you take tablets to have an abortion and a surgical abortion is when you have a procedure to remove the contents of your womb. Previously surgical was very common but increasingly medical abortion is widely used.

There is discussion and debate about which methods are preferable and for each person the method chosen or preferred would be different ā€“ depending on a range of circumstances. Medical abortion is more commonly available now but if you do not have access to water and sanitation (a flushing toilet) you should tell your provider to make a plan for you. Similarly if you have experienced sexual assault or are very young, a surgical method may be easier for you to cope with.

Whatever method is offered to you or you choose, it is really important to get to the clinic or provider earlier in terms of access.

Below is the CTOPA Western Cape Policy Guidelines and Protocol for TOP.

CTOP Policy Circular H35-2016 (1)