Abortion is Legal in South Africa under the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (CTOPA) that was enacted in 1996. However, the National Department of Health has not made any visible efforts in ensuring access to folk who want to have abortion. Women die every year in South Africa as a result of unsafe abortions. There is no information given and offered on any government endorsed public platform. The SRJC has put together useful information and basics to help share South African relevant information on abortion.

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Abortion in S.A


Abortion in South Africa, the Law

The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 1996


Our law was further amended to enable trained nurses, alongside midwives to be abortion providers and also to address illegal providers and prosecute them.

The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Act 2008



Legal assistance re abortion access

With many women struggling to access termination services the legal team of SRJC is often requested to send legal letters to attempt to enable access to abortion services for women in these circumstances. The letters are usually sent to facility managers, provincial managers and MECs.

The referral form that we utilize when cases are being referred to us to ensure that we have all information as soon as possible. We are therefore kindly asking  for you to fill in as soon as you receive a complaint of access to enable us to take action.  It is critical to ensure that as soon as a person is turned away at a facility you alert us so we can start working together and create a paper trail of women challenges to access termination services.