Open letter to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)

Re: Continued Discrimination in Western Cape Public and Private Schools against LGBTQI+ Learners based on their Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and/or Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC)

See the letter in full, published by Triangle Project.

Our demands to the WCED include:

  • Finalise, as a matter of urgency, an inclusive, nondiscriminatory SOGIESC policy
    that is binding on all public and private schools in the Western Cape and that truly
    includes, protects and affirms LGBTQI+ learners, educators and other staff;

    Ensure implementation of the SOGIESC policy by all public and private schools in
    the Western Cape, monitor schools’ compliance and hold schools accountable for
  • Investigate, with immediate effect, the experiences of LGBTQI+ learners outlined
    at the schools identified in the above section “Experiences of LGBTQI+ learners
    in public and private schools of the Western Cape;
  • Take disciplinary measures against those implicated in bullying, victimisation and
    discrimination at these schools in consultation with the victims;
  • Ensure that discriminatory and exclusionary practices are ended at these schools;
  • Ensure that inclusive and affirming practices are put in place at these schools;
  • Take measures to provide redress for harm done to LGBTQI+ learners in these
  • Implement SOGIESC sensitisation training at the relevant schools to be attended
    by pupils, educators and other staff;
  • Do a followup investigation of the experiences of LGBQTI+ individuals at these
    schools in due course; and
  • Publish its findings.




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