Youth and HIV Prevention Project

About the Youth Champions for Key Populations Project

The International AIDS Society has selected 2 of the SRJC Youth members to take part in a seed grant project that aims to facilitate a number of discussions around HIV prevention and differentiated care. The youth members were selected in their capacity as youth advocates in HIV prevention, sexual health, youth friendly services and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and the proposal they had submitted highlighted an intesectional lens on viewing access to HIV prevention services for youth key population and a broader view on structural and systematic barriers to access.

Engagement areas

The two youth members, Nomtika Mjwana and Lance Louskieter, have facilitated workshop and engaged in community dialogues on HIV prevention among youth key populations in Betherlsdorp, Port Elizabeth, as well as Cape Town South Africa. The workshop series was specifically youth led and centered. It was an interactive and engaged workshop on HIV prevention, gender and human rights.

Other media projects with IAS

The youth champions have also worked with our partners from The Sex Worker’s Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT), IAS partners from the Children’s Radio Foundation and Makhulu film production company on a series of advocacy videos which were to be shown at the International AIDS Society conference and the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA). These videos feature young people from South Africa and other parts of Africa talking about the need for youth-friendly, inclusive, and non-judgemental healthcare services. These are in particular to young people who are/may be sex workers, trans folk, Men who have Sex with Men and injectable drug users. See below a video produced with one of our youth partners from SWEAT who is a Human Rights Defender.


#IASYouthVoices: Work and Play

“I feel like sometimes I am a counsellor. I care about my health and I care also about my clients’ health.”Anitha Andreas is a sex worker, human rights defender and HIV educator with the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) in Cape Town, South Africa. In this #IASYouthVoices video, Anitha busts myths about sex work and highlights the role that sex workers play in the HIV response.

Posted by International AIDS Society on Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Youth champions are also launching a video blog project on HIV and sex positivity- taking a very conversational, “youth vlog style” approach.

This includes a conversational discussion on safe sex, access to youth friendly services and addressing discrimination based on SOGI and other social and systemic factors.

The video series was a once-off recording which will be broken down into bites of episodes. See first episode below.


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